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InvestiGATOR Archives

Electronic copies of the InvestiGATOR Newsletters are available below. In addition to being posted here on our web site once a month, the InvestiGATOR is also e-mailed to everyone on our e-mail list. Please send us an e-mail if you would like to be added to our mailing list.

2009 InvestiGATORS
December 09 - RAC Financial Language Assessment (FLA) required
November 09 - RAC Financial Language Assessment (FLA) required
October 09 - Word 2007: unprotect and track changes in IRB forms
September 09 - Use of Social Security Numbers
August 09 - PI resonsibilities, Informed Consent, and more.
July 09 - WIRB fee schedule
- Deaths: how and when to report
June 09 - Reconsenting Subjects
May 09 - Informed Consent Changes
April 09 - Timely renewal of protocols
March 09 - IRB Bailout Program
- Upcoming Educational Events
February 09 - Checklist for Consents
- Tabled Deadlines
January 09 - New Staff
- IQ for Retrospective Studies
- e-mail notifications
2008 InvestiGATORS
December 08

- New Staff
- Explicit Changes

November 08 - Update your e-mail address - IRB e-mail notifications
- Form changes
- New form: Retrospective Chart/Data Review
October 08 - New Retrospective Data/Record Review IQ
- Posting Recruitment Flyers
-WIRB Consents: injury language
September 08 - WIRB
- Update your e-mail
August 08 - Open Forum Issues
July 08 - HURRC and ICF language
June 08 - IRB-01 Help
- Research Integrity
May 08 - Full Board Corrections
April 08 - Research Integrity
- Non-English speakers
March 08

- HIPAA Training
- Payment to research participants (including gift cards)
- IRB Web Tracking

February 08

- GCP training (web based)
- Study Closures
- Brown Bag series - IRB 101- 02/12/08

January 08

- Deviations

2007 InvestiGATORS
December 07

- Moratorium on IV infusions
- New Forms

November 07

- Staff Changes
- AAHRPP Update
- Revisions
-IRB Forums

July 07

- Research Information Security
- Protecting Electronic Information
- Preventing Loss of Data/Information

June 07

- Informed Consent Readability
- GCP training opportunity

May 07

- IRB Form Changes
- Web Based Tracking
- GCP Training
-Online Training

April 07

- Privacy, Confidentiality, and IRB Forms
- Conflict of Interest
- Study Expirations

March 07

- Involved in research outside UF or VA

February 07

- Acceptability Standards
- Revisions

January 07

- Investigator Responsibilities

2006 InvestiGATORS
October 06 - Research involving prisoners
September 06 - No Issue
August 06 - No Issue
July 06 - No Issue
June 06

- International Human Subjects Research Guidelines

May 06

- Guidelines for Research Teams to Maintain Research – Related Documentation

April 06 - Researcher Responsibilities
March 06 - Exceptions to Inclusion Exclusion Criteria
February 06

- Approval Letters and Important Dates
- The Statistics are in!!

January 06

- Important Reminders!!
- FYI: Jessica Lunsford Act- Doing Research in Florida Elementary, Middle and High

2005 InvestiGATORS
December 05 - The Use of Social Security Numbers for Research Purposes
-New Introductory Questionnaire and Project Revision Form
November 05

-Prisoners in Research

October 05

- Consent Readability
- Readability Tips

September 05

-Therapeutic Misconception
-When "Minimal Risk" Research Yields Clinically-Significant Data, Maybe the Risks Aren't So Minimal

August 05 Investigator's Responsibilities
July 05

- The Do's and Don'ts of Consenting
- Conflict of Interest
- Alert!! Be aware of your HIPAA Authorization Expiration Date.

June 05

-When is a Patient a Research Subject
-HHS Provides Guidance on Financial Relationships and Interests in Research Involving Human Subjects

May 05

Consent for Incompetent Persons
Children and Consent of Both Parents

April 05

When do you need to file an IND
Required WIRB Training

March 05

Poster Presentations may need IRB Approval
How to Avoid Processing Delays

February 05

-Over-enrollment and question 26 on the Introductory Questionnaire
-How many subjects for a record review?

January 05 -Conflict of Interest
-HIPAA Training
-Research funded by the NIH
2004 InvestiGATORS
December 04

-Over-enrollment and data collection
-OHRP decision charts

November 04

-When do you need an Unaffiliated Investigator Agreement(UIA)?
-What are the HIPAA Identifiers?

October 04

-New Informed Consent Forms REQUIRED!

September 04

-Informed Consent Changes
-Revised Informed Consent Instructions
-Revised Policies & Procedure Manual
-New position paper on Federal Certificates of Confidentiality

August 04 -Informed Consent for people who do not speak or read English
July 04 -Keeping signed Informed Consent Forms
-Web based HIPAA & Research training
-Research and news media (print, radio, or tv)
June 04 -IRB-02 review of behavioral/survey research from HSC
-Consenting subjects who do not speak/read English
-Informed Consent Checklist
May 04 -Enrolling Prisoners in Research
-Data Analysis on Identified Data
-Data Analysis for Studies that have Closed
April 04 -Subject Participation in Multiple Studies
-Retrospective (Medical) Chart Review
March 04 -HIPAA Compliance Reminder
-Are You Involved In Research Outside UF or The VA?
February 04 -Closing Research
-Tracking Revision for the IRB
January 04 -Waiver of Informed Consent
-IRB Form Changes are Here
2003 InvestiGATORS
December 03 -Waiver of Informed Consent
-IRB Form Changes are Here
November 03

-Over-enrollment and Data Collection
-Lost: Signed Informed Consent Forms
-Adverse Event Reporting: VA Subjects

October 03

-Nobody Likes a Sloppy (Investi)Gator
-Exculpatory Language & Informed Consent
-Revision Reminder

September 03

-Acceptability Standards
-Vulnerable Populations: Who are they?

August 03

-Consenting Research Participants
-Continuing Review: The Numbers

July 03 -The New Quality Assurance Program
June 03

-The New Quality Assurance Program
-Maintenance of Research Records
-HIPAA Update!

May 03

-Study Closure Makes it Official
-The April IRB Forum - What you Missed
-Technological Delays Slow Western IRB

April 03

-Adverse Events: What and When to Report
-Research Day and IRB Review
-Privacy, Confidentiality and IRB Forms

March 03

-Reconciling Subject Numbers
-Who is Responsible for the Conduct of Research?

February 03

-Retrospective (Medical) Chart Reviews, -Case Reports and IRB Review
-HIPAA Forms and Training News

January 03 -HIPAA Compliance: Are You Ready?
2002 InvestiGATORS
December 02

-Frequently Asked Questions about IRB Review
Explicit Changes and Tabled Notices: New Form

November 02

-The Focus of IRB Review
Joint Projects: One IRB of Recor

October 02

-Data Analysis Requires Active IRB Approval
Informed Consent: Two (2) Parent Signature

September 02 -Demystifying the IRB Process
October 1st - New Forms Become Mandatory
IRB-01 Deadline Changes!
August 02

-Exempt Studies that are REALLY Exempt
Western IRB: Policy Change

July 02

-Compliance with Federal Regulations
Required Reading for Investigators
Confidentiality Agreements

June 02

-Privacy and Confidentiality
-Importance of Record Keeping

May 02

-The Process Called Informed Consent
-Advertisements Must Be Reviewed

April 02

-Explicit Changes
-Show me your Approval Letter!
- Vulnerable Research Participants

March 02

-When Your Project is "Tabled"
- New IRB Forms: Gainesville
- Investigator Responsibilities

February 02

-Who's On Board?
-The IRB Paper Trail
- UF /IRB Training Requirements

January 02

-IRB Review of New Projects
- Reminders for the New Year!
- Continuing Review "Review"

2001 InvestiGATORS
December 01

-Use Of Current Forms A Must
-When Investigators Leave UF
Match Grant Title With Project Titles
Update On Continuing Review Policy Changes

November 01

-The Health Center IRB Has Moved
2 Bits Of Continuing Review News
Informed Consent A New Stamp Of Approval

October 01

-Consistency In Your IRB Submission
"New"- Informed Consent Form Health Center

September 01

-Using Advertisements to Recruit Research Participants
Educational In-services Begin This Month
Investigational New Drug (IND) Exemption

August 01 -Simplify Informed Consent Forms
Reporting Adverse Events Forms
July 01

-Conflict Of Interest And Institutional Review Board (IRB) Review
Continuing Review Submissions

June 01

-Protocol Deviation
A Protocol change is a project revision
Training grants meet exempt criteria
Pilot studies need IRB Approval too!

May 01

-New Protocol Submissions For Studies Of A Medical Nature
The Meaning Of Explicit Changes
Food And Drug Administration Form :1572
UF Participants Support Payment Form

April 01

-Avoid Study Expiration
IRB Training Initiative: What Do You Need To Know
IRB Forms Must Be Typed
Telephone Number Changes

March 01

-Approval Letters and Important Dates
UF Psychology Pool: Students as Subjects

February 01

-Organizations Of The Institutional Review Boards At UF
Changing Of Principal Investigators

January 01  

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