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Additional Training Available for Investigators and key Study Personnel

The following two (2) training programs are recommended by the Institutional Review Board. While not required at this time, the completion of these programs will provide the level of training that we anticipate will be required in the near future.
  1. CITI: Collaborative IRB Training Initiative. This course in human subjects protection and bioethics is designed specifically for all personnel that have a significant involvement in the planning, conduct and analysis of any scientific activity that employs human beings as research subjects.
  2. Social and Behavioral Research: Computer Based Training for researchers involved in social and behavioral studies may find the training modules available at the University of California Irvine helpful. IRB 02 recommends that researchers take this module by logging in as a guest at the UC Irvine web page.

HIPAA Training:

  • HIPAA & Research Training: required for all Principal Investigators and strongly recommended for other research staff. Click here for more info.
  • HIPAA Training: visit the UF Privacy Office web site for more information.


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