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Starting January 7th, 2013: Required Training for IRB-01

If you are involved in research with human subjects, their tissue, or data, you must complete the following three required training requirements. After January 7th, 2013 IRB-01 will not accept new protocols via the myIRB system unless all of the training has been completed and is up to date.

Our IRB-01 Training document details the following information below and also includes a work flow diagram that explains why it takes several days for training to update in the system, as well as how to access training records and protocol status via the Office of Research web based reports: http://irb.ufl.edu/docs/trainingflow.docx.

NOTE: once you have completed the training it takes several business days to process it and have it updated in myIRB.

NOTE: individuals who are registered in myIRB can look up their own training data. Click here for instructions on how to login in to myIRB and see your own training data.

  Required Training name/type Frequency
1. HIPAA for Research: complete in http://my.UFL.edu.

Click here for instructions on how to navigate myUFL to the HIPAA for Research training.

Yearly (every January)

Local IRB video for UF, Shands, and VA faculty and staff. Complete IRB800 at: http://my.UFL.edu:

Click here for instructions on how to navigate myUFL to the IRB training.

NOTE: Unaffiliated investigators may choose to take a special, shorter course titled IRB801 in place of IRB800 (although both will work) at: http://my.ufl.edu. This is because of their limited responsibilities.

Click here for instructions on how to navigate myUFL to the Unaffiliated IRB training.

Every 3 years
3. One of the following:
Every 3 years*
a. CITI - Complete this via http://my.UFL.edu and complete the Group 1: IRB-01 Mandatory Training course, which includes the following three modules:

  • History/Ethical Principles
  • Basic IRB Regulations
  • Informed Consent.

Click here for instructions on how to navigate myUFL and CITI to complete the IRB training.

Note: your training will not be processed if you take a different course! You must take the Group 1: IRB-01 Mandatory Training course.

b. NIH Extramural Training

visit the link below to complete the training. When you have completed the training you need to email a copy of the certificate to ufirb-l@lists.ufl.edu.



1. HIPAA: you must take the RESEARCH version of this training.  UF faculty and staff must complete the following course in myUFL: PRV801 for HIPAA & Privacy – Research in myUFL.

In October 2012 myUFL underwent an upgrade that enables everyone to complete training in the system. As a result, students, Shands employees, VA only employees, and Unaffiliated Investigators may also complete training via myUFL. However, in order to do so they need to have a role added to their profile in PeopleSoft. UF administrators designated the role of non-faculty/staff as "Person of Interest" (POI).

Students should contact the HR Administrator in their college/department to provide them with the "Person of Interest" role.

Shands employees, VA employees, and unaffiliated investigators should contact the Office of Research HR Administrator, Chelsea Wilson (352) 392-9291, and request to be registered as a "Person of Interest".

Once the “Person of Interest” role is processed non-faculty/staff can complete the training via myUFL.

3. Click here to read the announcement about the new mandatory training requirement.
4. VA researchers need to complete CITI training more frequently to comply with VA requirements. Contact the VA Research Service for more information about this and other VA training requirements: (352) 376-1611 extension 4917.



Required Reading for All Researchers & Research Staff

If you are involved in research with human subjects, you are required to read the following documents:

1. Belmont Report: The Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP) considers it unethical for anyone involved in human subject research not to have read the Belmont Report. It describes and explains the ethical principles that should be followed by such investigators: respect for persons, beneficence and justice.

2. Code of Federal Regulations: All human subject researchers must read 45 CFR 46. This document is the Federal regulation that describes the authority and responsibility of Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) in protecting human subjects.

3. IRB Policies & Procedures: All researchers must read and follow the Policies & Procedures for each IRB they wish to submit research to.

4. Researcher Responsibilities: All researchers must read and observe these responsibilities.

5. HIPAA for Reseacher


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