Psychology Information

If you wish to submit a new research study to IRB-01 that involves psychological measures and/or the use of surveys please be aware of the following information:

  1. You must submit or upload a copy of all questionnaires, surveys, instruments, photographs, etc that you intend on using with/giving to subjects. You must submit these items for evaluation even if they are copyrighted or must be purchased. The Board is required by federal regulations and guidance to evaluate what the subjects are being exposed to in order to assess the risks associated with the material. Other institutions have been cited by federal regulators for failing to assess these types of materials.
    • IRB-01 has created a “library” of certain measures/surveys. Investigators do not have to submit copies of items in the IRB library. Instead, the investigator simply needs to complete our Psychological and Survey Measures form so that the IRB knows what measures in our library need to be reviewed with your research. Again note: if a measure is NOT included in our library, the investigator MUST provide copies of the measure to the IRB, even if the measure is copyrighted and/or must be purchased by the investigator.
  2. If your study involves showing IAPS pictures to subjects, you must do the following:
    • Add the following information to your informed consent form: If you choose to participate in this experiment, you will see a variety of pictures that have been judged to be pleasant, neutral, or unpleasant. Some of these pictures may include content that can be considered objectionable, such as sexually explicit pictures and violent pictures (threatening people, disfigured human bodies). If any of the media presented here should make you feel too uncomfortable to continue, you are free to immediately withdraw your participation and leave without giving up credit or payment. There is a two-way communication system installed in these research rooms and you can discontinue the experiment at any time by simply telling the experimenter to stop. To be clear: you may immediately end your participation if any aspect of the research procedure makes you too uncomfortable to continue. Lastly, if you have any discomfort or concerns after completing your participation in the experiment, you are encouraged to call the principal investigator (as listed on page one of this document) or contact the Fear and Anxiety Disorders Clinic (a Health Center out-patient specialty clinic of the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology 352-294-3327 or 352-392-2439).
    • Specify in your protocol what percentage of pleasant, neutral, and/or unpleasant photographs subjects will be shown. For example: Subjects will be shown 25% pleasant, 50% neutral, and 25% unpleasant photographs.
  3. Health Science Center faculty, staff, and students may choose to submit their behavioral, social, educational, as well as other survey research to IRB-02.