Directions to IRB02 Office

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  • The UFIRB02 office is in room 98A in the basement of the Psychology Building, located on Center Drive at the University of Florida campus. Click here for Campus Map.
  • Enter the Psychology Building from the far south/east entrance ajoining the far back of the service drive. This is at the bottom of the hill, behind the building. You know you are at the correct door if there is an elevator and then a dumpster to the right of the glass door.
  • Enter that door and take a left (your only option). Follow the hallway around the building until you can go no further. You will end up facing a conference room, and the IRB02 office on your left. Please knock.
  • Notice that there is an inbox next to the door where you can leave your protocols/other paperwork if there is no one in the office.