UF myIRB    

myIRB is a web based system for processing human subject research submissions.

  • myIRB is currently only for new studies being submitted to IRB-01. Do not use myIRB if you are submitting to IRB-02, IRB-03, or IRB-04 (aka WIRB).
    • myIRB is currently accepting all new study types: Nonhuman, Exempt, Expedited, Retrospective Chart Review studies, Banks, and Full Board studies!
      • 2013: Full Board studies and Banks should start being processed in myIRB in early 2013. Stay tuned for new studies of this type will be required.
    • Studies previously submitted to IRB-01 in paper format will remain in paper until the IRB announces the plan to convert them to myIRB.

Access myIRB


myIRB is on a protected network and can only be directly accessed from computers in the Gainesville HSC computer network. If the computer you are using is outside the HSC (e.g. on campus or off campus such as at your home), you must download and install the VPN client provided by the HSC at:


Faculty, staff, students, and affiliated researchers with Gatorlink accounts should be able to download/install the VPN client that will give you access to the HSC network and myIRB. You should be able to install this on your personal computers. If you need to install this on your work computer (e.g. because you work outside the HSC), you may need the assistance of your IT professionals to install the software if they have not given you administrative rights to install software.

If you need help with running the VPN, please contact the HSC Help Desk at (352) 265-0526 or visit https://ufhealth.org/health-science-center/it-help.

VA UF and the VA have created a special VPN for VA users accessing myIRB from a VA computer. You should register to use myIRB from your VA computer. During registration you must use your Gatorlink username. You will also need to input a password that will only be used when you are accessing myIRB from a VA computer. If you try to access myIRB from any other computer (e.g. UF computer or off site computer) you will need to use your Gatorlink password. NOTE: your can set your VA password and Gatorlink password to be identical.

You must have an active Gatorlink account in order to register for and access myIRB.

  • If you are not UF faculty, staff, or student:
Register In order to access myIRB you must register in the system.

1. Go to https://my.irb.ufl.edu/uflirb/
2. The registration link is on the right hand side of the screen.


It is imperative for all researchers (principal investigators, co-investigators, study staff, etc)  to complete their required training.  myIRB verifies that the required training is completed by all study staff.  The PI will be unable to submit a new study if any of the listed study staff has failed to complete required training. 

Our IRB-01 Training document details the following information below and also includes a work flow diagram that explains why it takes several days for training to update in the system, as well as how to access training records and protocol status via the Office of Research web based reports: http://irb.ufl.edu/docs/trainingflow.docx.

Prior to January 7, 2013 all researchers must only complete the HIPAA for Research module via myUFL.

On and after January 7, 2013, all researchers must complete all three of the following:

1. HIPAA for Reseach: complete this at: http://my.UFL.edu.

Click here for instructions on how to navigate myUFL to the HIPAA for Research training.

Yearly (every January)

Local IRB video for UF, Shands, and VA faculty and staff. Complete IRB800 at: http://my.UFL.edu:

Click here for instructions on how to navigate myUFL to the IRB training.

NOTE: Unaffiliated investigators may choose to take a special, shorter course titled IRB801 in place of IRB800 (although both will work) at: http://my.ufl.edu. This is because of their limited responsibilities.

Click here for instructions on how to navigate myUFL to the Unaffiliated IRB training.


Every 3 years
3. One of the following:
Every 3 years*
a. CITI - Complete this via http://my.UFL.edu and complete the Group 1: IRB-01 Mandatory Training course, which includes the following three modules:

  • History/Ethical Principles
  • Basic IRB Regulations
  • Informed Consent.

Click here for instructions on how to navigate myUFL to the IRB training.

b. NIH Extramural Training

visit the link below to complete the training. When you have completed the training you need to email a copy of the certificate to ufirb-l@lists.ufl.edu.


1. HIPAA: you must take the RESEARCH version of this training.  UF faculty and staff must complete the following course in myUFL: PRV801 for HIPAA & Privacy – Research in myUFL.
2. Click here to read the announcement about the new mandatory training requirement.
3. VA researchers need to complete CITI training more frequently to comply with VA requirements. Contact the VA Research Service for more information about this and other VA training requirements: (352) 376-1611 extension 4917.
4. If you need help with getting your training updated into myIRB, please contact our myIRB Technical Assistance at (352)294-3070 or email myirbtech-l@lists.ufl.edu.

Our research community can log into the Sandbox site to learn how to enter a study in myIRB. The Sandbox site works like the real myIRB system, but research does not actually get processed/reviewed/etc. Feel free to play in the Sandbox! You can login as a Principal Investigator using the user name and password for the following accounts:

First Name Last Name User Name Password
Charles Baker pi14 DreamTeam
Barry Bird pi7 DreamTeam
Clyde Drexel pi10 DreamTeam
Patrick Westwing pi6 DreamTeam
Marc Johnson pi15 DreamTeam
Michael Jarvis pi9 DreamTeam
Christian Later pi4 DreamTeam
Karl Mahoney pi11 DreamTeam
Chris Miller pi13 DreamTeam
Scott Piper pi8 DreamTeam
David Roberts pi5 DreamTeam
John Stock pi12 DreamTeam

Please be advised that others may be using these test accounts as well.  When naming your test submissions, be sure to include your initials or name in the study title (for example: Test study for Joan).

Please do not create dummy protocols in myIRB!



Stay tuned for more Help! resources.


For technical assistance with registration, logging in, completing training, etc. please contact our myIRB Technical Assistance at (352)294-3070 or email myirbtech-l@lists.ufl.edu.

Please direct general research related questions to ufirb-l@lists.ufl.edu or call (352) 273-9600.

  The link for myIRB is:
(note the "s")