Web-Based Submission Tracking for Paper Studies

Welcome to the IRB Web-Based Submission Tracking System. This system provides researchers a web-based, read-only view of select information from our legacy database (for protocols originally submitted in paper – not myIRB). This system uses Gatorlink Authentication to access the information about research studies submitted to IRB-01, IRB-02, and IRB-03 (Note: IRB-04/WIRB is not supported). As a result you must have all three of the following for this system to work for you:

  1. UF ID number
  2. Gatorlink account and password
  3. You must insure that our database correctly reflects your UF ID number

If you satisfy all three items above and are unable to log in please contact the Webmaster.

Sharing your Gatorlink account and password information is a violation of University policy. Research staff not listed as study investigators can obtain access to information via this system with the PI’s permission.  Contact the IRB office for more information.

Click here to log into the system.


Web-Based Tracking System Help