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Renée Collins

Assistant Director, Research Administration

IRB-01 Vice Chair

Banking, Data/Chart Review submissions
New study assistance
Revision assistance
sIRB assistance 352-273-9605
Nicole Corwine, B.A.

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Quality assurance/quality improvement
Reporting: adverse events, deviations
Regulatory requirements
Research conduct
Data destruction 352-273-9606
B. Dianne Farb, J.D.

Assistant Director of Research

IRB-01/IRB-02 Vice Chair

Institutional Authorization Agreements (IAA)
Informed consent assistance 352-294-8670
Allison Faunce, B.A.

Research Regulatory Analyst III

Exempt, Expedited, Full Board, Data/Chart Review submissions
New study assistance
Revision assistance
sIRB assistance 352-273-9609
Lauren Griffin, Ph.D.

Research Regulatory Analyst III



Expedited, Full Board, Banking submissions
Investigator-initiated quality assurance/quality improvement
Website maintenance
Departing PI notifications
General research education
Margaret Hamer, J.D.

Research Regulatory Analyst III

HIPAA Coordinator
Non-Human/Exempt Submissions
Unaffiliated Investigator Agreements (UIA)
sIRB assistance
myIRB assistance
Informed consent assistance
New protocol assistance 352-273-9607
Michael Mahoney, B.S.

Director of Research Operations and Services

Institutional Authorization Agreements (IAA)
International research
IRB-01 Review of Exemption for Sponsored Studies 352-294-2744
Jamie Mayfield, B.A., M.A.

Research Regulatory Manager

New study assistance
Board member training
General research training
Informed consent assistance
myIRB assistance 352-273-6093
Becky McFerrin, B.A. myIRB assistance
Continuing Review submissions
Study Closures/Status Report submissions
Revision submissions
Status updates
Training status updates
Full Board sign-in assistance 352-273-9600
Ivana Simic, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, UF IRBs

Institutional Authorization Agreements (IAA)
sIRB assistance
myIRB assistance
WIRB liaison 352-273-9604
Britny Smith

Research Regulatory Specialist

New protocols approval letters
Continuing Review approval letters
Approval letters for revisions with Consent Forms
Full Board meeting agendas 352-294-5238
Lori Wojciechowski, J.D. Tabled Letters to Investigators

Contingency Letters to Investigators

Miscellaneous Letters to Investigators

Needs Reply Letters