Other Committees that Review Research

Some research that involves human subjects must be reviewed other committees as well as the IRB before the research is conducted. Review by other committees usually depends on what the research includes (for example, if it uses radiation, gene therapy, includes veterans as subjects, etc) and/or where the research is going to be conducted. Review by other committees is mandated by university or hospital policy, in part due to the risk to subjects that must be evaluated by these other groups with specialized expertise.

Approval by each committee occurs INDEPENDENTLY of IRB review. If HURRC, IBC, and/or the VAMC Subcommittee for Clinical Investigation must review your project, you should submit your project to the applicable committees prior to IRB review in order TO PREVENT DELAYS IN STARTING YOUR PROJECT! The IRB does not forward copies of your submission to the other committees – it is the researcher’s responsibility to submit the research to all of the appropriate committees. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with their requirements.


Do you want to conduct your research with the CTSI (formerly GCRC)?
The CTSI provides a variety of resources to researchers. For more information visit the CTSI’s web site at https://www.ctsi.ufl.edu/.
Does your project involve the research use of radiation and/or radioactive materials?
The Human Use of Radioisotopes and Radiation Committee (HURRC) must review all projects that involve the RESEARCH USE of DIAGNOSTIC X-RAYS, RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS, or THERAPEUTIC RADIATION, as well as all research submitted to WIRB (regardless of whether it involves radiation). Even a standard diagnostic test used more frequently than clinically indicated would constitute research with radiation. If HURRC review is required, you cannot begin the project until you have both IRB and HURRC approvals. If you have questions about HURRC review, please contact Susan Stanford at 392-7359 or via e-mail at sstandford@ehs.ufl.edu. Mail should be sent to Box 118340. Additional information can be obtained at: https://www.ehs.ufl.edu/Rad/
Does your project involve human gene therapy?
The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) must review all projects that involve HUMAN GENE THERAPY. A project that needs IBC review cannot begin until it has the approval of both the IBC and the IRB. Also, the IBC will review all revisions to human gene therapy projects to ensure that National Institutes of Health guidelines are being met. Therefore, investigators will be required to SUBMIT ALL REVISIONS TO BOTH the IBC and the IRB. If you have questions about the IBC review, please contact the Biosafety Office at 392-1591 or via email at bso@ehs.ufl.edu. Mail should be sent to Box 112190. Additional information can be obtained at: Biohazard Project Registration page.
Will your project or part of your project be conducted at the VAMC?
Visit the IRB’s website about conducting research at the North Florida/South Georgia Veteran Health System at:

or the VA’s new research web site at:

Will your project be conducted at Shands facilities at North-Central Floirda?
If you wish to conduct research at any of the Shands facilities other than Shands Gainesville or Jacksonville (e.g. The Villages Hospital, Leesburg Hospital), please contact the Assistant Director of the IRBs, Ivana Simic at isimic@ufl.edu