What research is available at UF, Shands, or the VA?

The University of Florida, Shands Hospitals, and North Florida/South Georgia Veteran Health Systems (NFSGVHS) have many different types of research available. This includes not only medical clinical trials (such as experimental treatments for specific diseases/conditions), but also research on everything from gene therapy, psychological conditions, dentistry studies, physical therapy, biology/pathology, general population studies, to numerous other studies.

The Institutional Review Board’s (IRB) primary mission is to protect the rights and welfare of the subjects / participants in research studies. The IRB does not inform potential subjects or referring physicians about available research studies.

However, if you are interested in learning more about what research is available at UF, Shands, or the NFSGVHS, you need to contact the appropriate department to learn what studies are currently open and enrolling new subjects. You can call the hospital operators at the numbers below and ask to speak to someone in the deparment you are interested in:

UF&Shands operator = (352) 265-0111

NFSGVHS operator = (352) 376-1611

In addition, information can also be found on the internet at:

The NFSGVHS has helpful information for veterans considering research at:

Should you volunteer to participate in research?

Click here for the federal Office for Human Research Protections pamphlet “Becoming a Research Volunteer: It’s Your Decision.”

Click here for the Veteran Administration’s pamphlet “I’m a Veteran. Should I Participate in Research?” (recommended for anyone considering research)