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The Behavioral/NonMedical IRB (IRB02) is responsible for reviewing and monitoring a subset of the research with human subjects conducted at the University of Florida. This board reviews research studies that involve: behavioral observations/recordings, non-invasive physiological recordings, analysis of documents that were previously gathered for nonresearch purposes, evaluation of behavioral/social interventions or manipulations, educational assessments, interviews, surveys, cognitive tests, and taste/food evaluations of wholesome food within FDA regulations.
The IRB02 can review research conducted by investigators working within all colleges of the University of Florida, including the UF Main Campus, UF Health Science Center, Shands HealthCare, Inc., and the Brain Institute.

The IRB02 cannot review human subjects research involving invasive biological or medical techniques, HIPAA-protected personal health information, experimental medications, or experimental treatment of patient populations or research involving the use of the North Florida/South Georgia VA Health Systems facilities, staff or patients. These protocols are reviewed by the other University of Florida IRBs.

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IRB-02 Forms

New Protocol Submission Form
     New Protocol Instructions
Informed Consent Example Documents
    Consent Checklist
     Consent Common Errors

Renewal/Continuing Review Form
Protocol Revision Form
     Revision Instructions

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The UFIRB02 office is in room 98A in the basement of the Psychology Building, located on Center Drive at the University of Florida campus.

Mailing address:
University of Florida Institutional Review Board  (IRB02)
P. O. Box 112250
Gainesville, FL 32611-2250

Telephone: (352) 392-0433
Fax number: (352) 392-9234

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