Informed Consent Forms

Informed Consent Form templates frequently need to change for a variety of reasons. Investigators are required to use the newest versions of consent forms whenever you submit (a) a new protocol (if you need to obtain consent), or (b) continuing review (if enrollment continues or re-consent is necessary). You do not have to use the newest templates when revising previously approved consent(s) unless the IRB specifically instructs you to do so.

The IRB provides standardized template language for special situations that should be included in Informed Consent Forms, please see the following link for specific standardized text: Standardized Text for Informed Consent Forms

Note: Informed Consent is more that just a form – it is an on-going process that starts as early as recruitment, continues throughout the person’s participation in the research, and may extend until the completion of the research.

Informed Consent Forms WITH HIPAA

Alternate Signature Sections for ICFs WITH HIPAA

Informed Consent Forms WITHOUT HIPAA

Alternate Signature Sections for ICFs WITHOUT HIPAA

For Currently Approved Federally Funded and VA Studies ONLY - Conversion Consent

For Baptist (Wolfson Children's Hospital)

Additional Consent Options

Visit the “Special Situations” page for information on when to use these