Standardized Text for IRB-02

Compensation and Social Security Number

If applicable, please place the following information within the study documents (usually the Informed Consent Form):

If you are paid more than $199 for taking part in this study, your name and social security number will be reported to the appropriate University employees for purposes of making and recording the payment as required by law. You are responsible for paying income taxes on any payments provided by the study. Payments to nonresident aliens must be processed through the University of Florida Payroll and Tax Services department. If the payments total $600 or more in a calendar year, the University must report the amount you received to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS is not provided with the study name or its purpose. If you have questions about the collection and use of your Social Security Number, please visit:

RPP Language if applicable:

Your payment for participation in this research study is handled through the University of Florida’s Research Participant Payments (RPP) Program. Your information which will include your name, address, date of birth, and SSN (depending on amount of money you are paid) is protected. Access to the (RPP) Program site is limited to certain staff with the assigned security role. You will be randomly assigned a specific identification (ID) number to protect your identity.

If you have any problems regarding your payment contact the study coordinator.

Data Security Language

To be used with research studies conducted online:

There is a minimal risk that security of any online data may be breached, but since (1) no identifying information will be collected, and (2) [name of specific online host] uses several layers of encryption and firewalls [or whatever is true of your host], it is highly unlikely that a security breach of the online data will result in any adverse consequence for you. (You might include a link to the host’s privacy/data security policy statement).