Research Data is Institutional Property

In accordance with recognized scientific research procedures, University personnel are required to record all research data and information accurately and clearly and to keep all such data in a permanent and retrievable form. In addition, with regard to a patentable invention, original laboratory data must be kept for the life of the patent. University personnel must also securely store tangible property (such as biological materials, chemical compounds, and computer discs) related to an invention or work to which the University has asserted or may assert its ownership rights. Personnel who leave the University may be permitted to copy their laboratory notebooks and take the copies with them, or take samples of tangible property with them, although they are required to maintain the confidentiality of the data contained within the notebooks or the tangible property. The original notebooks will remain at the University.

At UF this policy is formalized in the Intellectual Property Policy. Contact the Office of Technology and Licensing (OTL) if you have any questions.

The VA specifies this in the VHA Handbook 1200.05, 29.i. Contact the VA Research Service Administration to receive written permission to take a copy of any data.