Selecting the Requested Review Type

Choose a non-human review if you are receiving de-identified samples or data for analysis. The data cannot contain any of the HIPAA identifiers including dates. If the data is coded or if the person giving you the data or samples has any identifiers a Confidentiality Agreement between the PI and the person supplying the data or samples is required
Data/Chart Review
Choose this review type if you are looking at records, data, or specimens. You can examine PHI with this review type. This review type branches down two paths: the exempt review and the expedited review. When you answer the questions, the program will present the appropriate path.
Exempt Data/Chart Review
Most record reviews will follow this path.  You can access data, keep a link to the data, and work retrospectively and prospectively.  You can include tissue samples that have no links to identifiers or are publicly available.  HIPAA regulations do apply when keeping a link.  The IRB will evaluate your de-identification plan when you do keep a link and the practicability of your request for a waiver.
Expedited Data/Chart Review
If you are working with identifiable tissue that is not publicly available, your record review will be approved under an expedited category.
Please see our guideline on how to submit a Chart Review
Banking ONLY Review
The Banking Only review type if for any local bank (tissue, data, future contact registries) and any non-local bank that is not part of another study (banking only). At UF all local banks must be submitted as stand-alone projects, and must use this path.
Exempt Review
This path is primarily used for anonymous survey studies or any other study that fits an exempt category but is not better described in one of the paths previously mentioned. Do not submit record reviews using this path.
Expedited Review
This path is for minimal risk studies. Do not submit record reviews using this path.
Full Board Review
Greater than minimal risk studies or anything that does not fit in any other review category.