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The goal of the IRB Education Program is to facilitate research involving human subjects from initial submission to study completion through informative and practical education.  Whether it is for Investigators, research study personnel, students or other institutional representatives, information is explained in a manner that fits the audience.

By using a variety of delivery methods, such as lectures, live-streams, Newsletters, one-on-one meetings and department in-service, from new Investigator to seasoned Investigator, our objective is to offer education of:

      1. The history and regulation of research ethics
      2. The local submission requirements and process
      3. The common pitfalls to improve the efficiency of the submission process.


The IRB is here to help!  It is our goal to make sure this program is tailored to meet the ongoing educational needs of the research community so all educational options will be tailored to meet the specific needs of the target audience, whether it be one-on-one about a specific research protocol or a lecture to a class regarding a general overview of research ethics and the IRB process.

To arrange education/training for your group, please contact Lauren Griffin.


Training/Guest Lecture Request Guide

  • Departments requesting training are expected to have an audience of at least 5 individuals.
  • For guest class lectures, requests are accepted for graduate level classes with 5 or more students attending.
  • Please submit your request at least three weeks before the target training date(s) to Lauren Griffin with the proposed date/time, location, and objectives.  Please keep in mind that not all requests may be granted due to prior commitments and obligations.
  • Please note: No training sessions or guest lectures will be offered on Wednesdays due to Full Board Meetings, Brown Bags, or Boot Camps.