All persons (faculty, staff, and students) involved in human subject research should visit this page frequently. Information regarding training and educational updates is available here.

The University of Florida is committed to the protection of human subjects in research. To ensure that all Investigators and research personnel receive a well-rounded education in human subjects protection UF has posted several important sources of information at this IRB website. In addition, the IRB Brown Bags will provide regular educational events that address current human subjects’ protection topics. To meet the standard of excellence set forward by the University of Florida, every UF Investigator must give assurance that he/she has read the required human subject protection documents. It is only a matter of time before the NIH and other federal funding sources will themselves require more extensive human subjects’ protection education and training. Our commitment compels us to lead the way!

Education & Training

The University of Florida also offers a wide array of educational opportunities. The IRB newsletter, the InvestiGATOR, is published monthly via e-mail and highlights important new information, recurring issues, and a variety of other significant topics.

The IRB also offers assistance for Investigators in the preparation of their research project for IRB review.

Getting Started

For Investigators who are new to research or new to the research process at the University of Florida, please see the slides from our IRB Boot Camp training for helpful tips about submissions, myIRB, and more.