8/26/2011: RAC – IRB process

The IRB and RAC have agreed to extend the “pilot program” to all new studies that require RAC review. As a result, researchers will need to give RAC an electronic version of their consent forms. RAC will insert the approved FLA language into the consent and email the consent to the IRB, who will print the consent out and include it with the new study paperwork submitted by the PI. Rationale: Researchers who did not participate in the “pilot program” would get appropriate cost language in the Financial Language Assessment (FLA) form, then insert the language into the consent form for submission to the IRB. Unfortunately some consents continue to get submitted with incorrect cost language, resulting in processing delays and additional work for both researchers and IRB staff (as well as potential noncompliance if the IRB doesn’t catch the error). Extending the “pilot program” to all new studies insures compliant language is inserted into the consent and reduces processing/review time.