05/05/2012: Training Requirement

05/05/2012: myIRB

We are pleased to announce that earlier this week IRB-01 approved the very first study in myIRB! Special thanks to Dr. Rhoton, Dr. Friedman, and the Neurosurgery team for working closely with us to take this momentous first step.

At this point we’d like to invite our UF research community to do the following:

  • Pre-register in myIRB. Many of you have already pre-registered in myIRB and we would like to open pre-registration to everyone involved in human subjects research: department approvers (Department Chairs and other supervisors who sign off currently on Addendum A), principal investigators, co-investigators, other study staff, and other research related offices.

Here’s how to pre-register:

Note 1

We are only selectively activating register users – so you won’t be able to create or submit research projects to the system unless you are selected to enter a study or until we expand submission to all researchers. Note 2: if you are off campus you must use a VPN client to access the UF server. myIRB is based in a secure network since it can contain sensitive information. If you do not already have an HSC VPN it is available at: https://vpn.health.ufl.edu/+CSCOE+/logon.html?fcadbadd=1 You must have a Gatorlink username and password to access the VPN. VA access: we are negotiating VA VPN access to myIRB. At this time computers on the VA network are unable to access myIRB.

  • Limited invitation to submit a new study into myIRB: We want to proceed with reviewing a few more nonhuman, exempt, and expedited studies (no full Board at this point – although that is upcoming) and invite anyone who plans to submit one of these types of studies to contact us to see if you’re eligible. We’re looking for:
    • Nonhuman, exempt, and expedited studies
    • No VA involvement
    • Research team and department chair who are prepared to work closely with us to enter the study and provide feedback. We’ll meet with you to:
      • Get your study team and department reviewers registered (if they aren’t already)
      • Help you enter your new study – answer any questions you may have as well as document any issues you experience during the process.
      • Help the study staff “agree to participate” (basically their electronic signature, replacing Addendum A).
      • Help the PI submit the study.


In order to submit the study, everyone on the study team must have completed the UF HIPAA for Researchers (PRV801) training this year.

      • Help the Department Reviewer approve the study.

If you are interested in working with us, please email us at UFIRB-L@lists.ufl.edu and be sure to indicate:

  • your department,
  • the PI, and
  • provide either a copy of the protocol or a brief description of the research you intend to do.

We’re only taking a limited number of studies and will let you know if you’re selected.