07/09/2012: Accessing myIRB outside the Gainesville HSC

07/09/2012: Accessing myIRB outside the Gainesville HSC

myIRB resides on a server inside the HSC computer network. Researchers accessing myIRB from a computer in the HSC computer network can directly access the site at https://my.irb.ufl.edu/uflirb/.

However, the HSC network is protected and can only be accessed by computers outside the HSC by using a VPN client.

If the computer you are using is outside the HSC (e.g. on campus or off campus such as at your home), you must download and install the VPN client provided by the HSC at:


Faculty, staff, students, and affiliated researchers with Gatorlink accounts should be able to download/install the VPN client that will give you access to the HSC network and myIRB. You should be able to install this on your personal computers. If you need to install this on your work computer (e.g. because you work outside the HSC), you may need the assistance of your IT professionals to install the software if they have not given you administrative rights to install software.

Important note for the VA

The VA has national requirements regarding the use of VPNs. UF and the NF/SG VHS are working closely to resolve this situation and provide the research community at the NF/SG VHS with a VA specific VPN to access myIRB. Until the occurs, you will not be able to access myIRB from a VA computer.