08/01/2012: myIRB Deadline

08/01/2012: myIRB Deadline

Today’s the day! All new exempt and nonhuman studies must now be submitted via myIRB. Starting 09/01/12 all new expedited studies must also be submitted via myIRB.

If you haven’t already, please:

  • Register yourself as a user.
  • Complete your HIPAA for Researcher training.

Access myIRB via: /myIRB/index.html

If you are trying to access myIRB from a computer outside of the HSC you will need to use a VPN to access the system. Download the HSC VPN at: https://vpn.health.ufl.edu/

VA researchers

The VA is working with UF to install a VPN for all VA computers. Until that is active you will need to access myIRB from a UF or personal computer. You can use a computer in the IRB office or contact the VA Research Service at (352) 376-1611 ext 6069 to see what options they have available.

Need Help?

Cheat Sheets

Researcher manual:

Email questions to ufirb-l@lists.ufl.edu

Please note the change to the IRB-01 website with our link to myIRB:

This will take you to our myIRB Help page: