11/02/2012: Mandatory Training for IRB-01

11/02/2012: Mandatory Training for IRB-01

The following announcement was sent out via email to IRBMAIL-L@lists.ufl.edu and DDD-L@lists.ufl.edu on Wednesday October 31th, 2012.

DATE: October 31, 2012

TO: Deans, Directors and Department Chairs

FROM: Dr. David Norton, Vice President for Research

SUBJECT: Mandatory Human Subject Researcher Training

Effective January 7, 2013, the IRB education requirements must be met in order for a protocol to be reviewed by IRB‐01 (Health Center IRB). This includes all investigators, sub‐investigators, research coordinators and any other study staff involved in the conduct of a human subject research study (i.e.: those previously listed in Addendum A).

The following chart outlines the required training to conduct human subject research; the items in RED are the new requirements. The NIH Extramural Education is already required if you obtain NIH funding. The “Local IRB Video” requirement is currently available and may be accessed via https://my.ufl.edu. Directions on how to access all of the training modules are located at Required Training. All requirements are available to complete now, but again, it will be mandatory for you to have completed them by January 7, 2013.

Affiliation of Investigator Mandatory Education Requirements How Often UF or Shands

  1. HIPAA for Researchers (1hr) Privacy Office Requirement
  2. NIH Extramural Education (2hrs) or the following CITI modules (Basic IRB Regulations, Informed Consent, History\Ethical Principals)
  3. Local IRB Video (1 hr.)
  1. Yearly
  2. Every 3 years
  3. Every 3 years


  1. HIPAA For Researchers (1hr) Privacy Office Requirement
  2. The Ethical Principals of Human Subjects Protection and Good Clinical Practices (2‐4hrs)
  3. VA Privacy and Information Security Awareness andRules of Behavior (1hr)
  4. VHA Privacy Policy Web Training (HIPAA)(1hr)
  5. Information Security 201 for Research and Development Personnel (1.5hrs)
  6. Local IRB Video (1 hr.)
  1. Yearly
  2. Every 2 years
  3. Yearly
  4. Yearly
  5. Once Only
  6. Every 3 years