12/14/2012: Update: IRB-01 Mandatory Training

We have experienced some unexpected issues with importing the CITI results into myUFL and have been working with HR Training and the PeopleSoft team to reconcile the issues. We believe the issues have been reconciled, although there is still some public confusion about the training.


Our Training page (/education/trainreq.htm) discusses the training requirements and includes “cheat sheets” for navigating the different systems to complete the training. This page can be accessed from the “Education/Training” link in the gray navigation bar on the left side of the IRB-01 web site.


Accessing myUFL has been challenging for people who are not UF faculty or staff. In order to access the system you must have a UF ID #, Gatorlink account, and be set up in UF’s HR system as a “Person of Interest” (their terminology, not ours!).

  • To get a UF ID, call Melissa Beatty at (352) 392-4803.
  • To get a Gatorlink account, go to https://gatorlink.ufl.edu.
  • To get the Person of Interest designation: (a) if you are working in conjunction with a specific UF department, contact that department’s HR administrator; or (b) otherwise contact Melissa Beatty at (352) 392-4803.
    • Note: when accessing myUFL you may have to delete the cookies in your browser and refresh the page in order to access the training.

CITI issues

  • We have requested a query from CITI for everyone affiliated with UF who completed CITI training between 01/01/2012 and 12/31/2012 (whether it was the IRB training or a more comprehensive course like the Responsible Conduct of Research course which requires more modules). We will upload this data into myIRB to insure you have access when the training requirement goes into effect on 01/07/2013.
  • The VA has given us a listing of all of the researchers who have completed CITI as part of their training requirements. That data will likewise be uploaded.
  • If you completed the NIH training or CITI training for another purpose (e.g. you are new faculty and completed CITI training within the past year at your prior institution), you can email a copy of the completion certificate to UFIRB-L@lists.ufl.edu.