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This web site is aimed at any University of Florida faculty members, students, and/or staff members who conduct research with human subjects or assists in such studies.

If you are involved in research with human subjects, you MUST complete our REQUIRED READING. Click here to visit the REQUIRED READING page.

The University of Florida has four IRBs. While all four IRBs are governed by the same set of federal and state rules, each has its own forms and procedures for review. Regardless of the IRB, however, the review process begins when you submit an application. Before submitting any forms you should read any applicable instructions available on the web and/or contact the relevant IRB office with any questions or comments. Your submissions should be complete and accurate, otherwise your submission may not be approved or there may be a signicant delay in approving it. Click here to view the University's Assurance to the federal government to conduct research according to federal regulations.

IRBs review ALL research involving human subjects to ensure that their welfare and rights are protected as mandated by federal regulations. You may not conduct any human research without prior IRB approval. Please submit your research to the relevant IRB Office below:

IRB-01 Gainesville Health Science Center

Contact: Peter Iafrate, Pharm.D, Chair
Voice: (352) 273-9600
Fax: (352) 273-9614

IRB-02 UF Campus / Non Medical

Contact: Ira S. Fischler, PhD, Chair
Voice: (352) 392-0433
Fax: 392-9234

Contact: Alan Halperin, MD, Chair
Voice: (904) 244-3155
Fax: (904) 244-9035


Sheila A. Austin, CIP
Administrative Coordinator, IRB-03
Voice: (904) 244-9427
Fax: (904) 244-9035
e-mail: sheila.austin@jax.ufl.edu

IRB-04 Western IRB

Contact: Theodore D. Schultz, Chair
Voice: (800) 562-4789
Fax: (360) 943-4522

Here is some additional information to keep in mind when submitting research applications to any IRB:


Education & Training

The University of Florida also offers a wide array of educational opportunites. The IRB newsletter, the InvestiGATOR, is published monthly via e-mail and highlights important new information, recurring issues, and a variety of other significant topics. Please contact (352) 846-1494 in order to be added to the IRB mailing list. Alternatively, you may also read the current and previous InvestiGATORs in the archive link below.


The IRB also offers liaison support. IRB support is available for both novice researchers and more experienced investigators. Upon your request, a representative of the IRB is available to visit your department and work directly with your research team. Liaison support can assist investigators in the preparation of their research project for IRB review. IRB information and procedures can be very complex and also intimidating as human subject protection is regulated by the federal government. Call the IRB today and request liaison support!

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