Other Submissions

UF has separate, specific instructions for submitting new studies or revisions to previously approved studies. All other submissions such as continuing reviews, deviations, adverse events, unanticipated problems, etc. must meet the following:

All submissions from UF and Shands researchers to WIRB must include a copy of our UF Cover Letter.

You must include the UF Cover Letter with your submission to WIRB to insure:

  1. That the paperwork approved by WIRB complies with UF specific requirements. For example: UF requires certain language in the Informed Consent form that WIRB does not necessarily require in consent forms for other institutions. Of considerable importance is that the Consent includes our local language for
    1. payment related to injuries
    2. HIPAA authorizations.
  2. That UF and it’s research related offices are properly notified about the status of your research.
  3. New WIRB Submission RequirementBeginning May 9th, 2012, all University of Florida study submissions to Western IRB (WIRB) will require provision of an “Institutional Number.” This institutional number is a unique UF identifier that will allow UF to map WIRB approval data back to specific UF proposals. This new WIRB requirement applies to all submissions – new and continuing.How Do I get the Institutional Number for my Study?UF will be using the Research Administration and Compliance (RAC)# as the Institutional Number. Since November 2009, the RAC# has been provided on the RAC Financial Language Assessment (FLA) form on the right-side of the study information box at the top of the FLA form. Labels for this number varied slightly over time; some older FLAs labeled this number “PS Proposal #” or “RAC Logbook #”. FLAs will now include the label “Institutional /RAC#”.For older, continuing studies that have never had a FLA issued, the Institutional Number can be obtained from the RAC office via COM-RESEARCH-ADMIN-COMP-L@LISTS.UFL.EDU. Be sure to include the following information in the request:PI Name and UFIDStudy Title

    PeopleSoft Proposal number (if applicable)

    WIRB number

Failure to complete and include our UF cover letter can result in compliance issues for you later, the least of which may be having to revise your paperwork and resubmit to WIRB (which will obviously include a fee).

Note: sometimes sponsors complete the paperwork and submit it to WIRB on your behalf. It is incumbent upon you, the PI, to insure that the UF cover letter is included with the submission. The administration is not likely to absolve you in a compliance situation if your excuse is “the sponsor submitted it for me.”