Cost/Fee Schedule

Your contract with the study sponsor should provide for WIRB® fees. As a result, you should have provisions for not only the initial fees, but ongoing fees as well (amendments, annual reviews, PI changes, etc). Note: when establishing your contract with your sponsor you can either budget a flat dollar amount in anticipation that it will cover all WIRB costs. However we advise to word the contract such that the sponsor is responsible for all WIRB fees (without an upper limit). Projects can take longer than expected, may require more revisions than expected, and/or WIRB prices can increase over time (e.g. in 2012 regular fees increased approximately 25%). A flat sum budgeted for IRB related costs can easily be exceeded before the study is completed since WIRB charges for all submissions. In addition, WIRB will also write the informed consent form in UF’s special Informed Consent template for a fee. We recommend insuring that your contract specifies that the sponsor will pay for this service.

Effective January 2017 WIRB has new fee schedules. Note that fee schedules may vary depending on the type of research you’re conducting. Please read the following: