Required Training for UF IRBs

If you are involved in research with human subjects, their tissue, data, or medical records, you must complete the following mandatory training requirements. New myIRB studies cannot be submitted unless all required training has been completed and is up-to-date.

  • NOTEOnce you have completed the training it takes several business days for it to be processed and loaded into myIRB.

Researchers and all study staff are required to take the following courses:

NIH (initial) IRB 800 (initial)
IRB 802 (renewal every 3 years)
PRV 801 HIPAA for Researchers
(initial + annual renewal)
IRB-02 *
IRB-03 *

 *IRB800/802 goes into effect for IRB-02 and IRB-03 on March 8th, 2018.


NIH Extramural Training**

IRB800 IRB Mandatory Local Training / IRB802 IRB Mandatory Local Training Refresher

PRV801 HIPAA for Research


Do you need assistance?

  • HELP with myTraining, please contact the UF Computing Help Desk at (352) 392-4357 or at
  • HELP with updating training in myIRB, please contact our myIRB Technical Assistance at

Training exception for Non-human research

Mandatory Training is not required for Non-human review types. However, you will be required to complete the mandatory IRB Training if (a) your study is found to be any other review type (e.g. exempt or expedited), or (b) you are added to another study in myIRB that does not qualify as Non-human.


**NIH Training note: CITI training

UF’s special CITI course, “Group 1: IRB-01 Mandatory Training”, can substitute for the NIH training.  However faculty have experienced issues when taking CITI.  Please review the Issues below before utilizing this course.

  • Location: Complete this via
    • Instructions: How to navigate myUFL to the IRB Training
    • ISSUES:
      • You must follow the instructions above when competing the training.
        • Select “Group 1: IRB-01 Mandatory Training” on the Human Subjects Research page when registering.
        • Note:
          • You must access CITI via myUFL for training results to be transmitted to UF.
          • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) course, Good Clinical Practice (GCP), or other courses do not fulfill the IRB training requirement.
          • It can take up to 4 business days for CITI records to be received at the IRB.
      • In order to access the CITI website, you must use one of the following browsers: current version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari or Internet Explorer (IE) version 8.0 or later.  IE 7.0 or earlier versions will not work.  Additional information may be found at:
        • History/Ethical Principles
        • Basic IRB Regulations
        • Informed Consent
    • Frequency:  valid for 30 years.
      • NOTE: VA researchers need to complete CITI training more frequently to comply with VA requirements. Contact the VA Research Service for more information about this and other VA training requirements: (352) 376-1611 extension 4204.