11/29/2012: Reminder: Mandatory Training

11/29/2012: Reminder: Mandatory Training

Reminder: effective January 07, 2013 mandatory training goes into effect for research conducted at IRB-01.

This training will be required for all study staff listed on any new projects submitted on or after that date.

The announcement about mandatory training was initially sent out by the VP for Research, Dr. David Norton, on October 31, 2012. For more information, please visit: /irb01/news.htm#training


The new IRB-01 local video training, CITI training, and HIPAA for Research training must be completed via myUFL. In October 2012 myUFL underwent an upgrade that enables everyone to complete training in the system. As a result, since October 2012 students, Shands employees, VA only employees, and Unaffiliated Investigators may also complete training via myUFL. However, in order to do so they need to have a role added to their profile in PeopleSoft. UF administrators (not the IRB) designated the role of non-faculty/staff as “Person of Interest” (POI).

Students should contact the HR Administrator in their college/department to provide them with the “Person of Interest” role.

Shands employees, VA employees, and unaffiliated investigators should contact the Office of Research HR Administrator, Dorothy Long, at (352) 392-9330 and request to be registered as a “Person of Interest”.

Once the “Person of Interest” role is processed non-faculty/staff can complete the training via myUFL.

We encourage everyone to complete the training as soon as possible to avoid any delays once the requirement goes into the effect. Please email any questions to: UFIRB-L@LISTS.UFL.EDU