01/11/2013: Mandatory Training

01/11/2013: Mandatory Training

As you should know IRB-01’s Mandatory Training went into effect this past Monday January 7th, 2013. This requirement was announced by the VP for Research, Dr. David Norton, on 10/31/12 (/irb01/news.htm#training).

We thank the hundreds of researchers who have diligently completed the training. If you have not completed the training, please review the training requirements and how to complete the training at /education/trainreq.htm.


  1. Once completed, training results usually take at least several days to migrate across several systems before they can be imported into myIRB.
  2. Students need to contact their Departmental HR administrator to receive the “Person of Interest” (POI) role in order to complete training via myUFL. We have asked if all students could automatically be assigned this role to avoid these extra steps and will keep you posted.
    1. Research staff at Shands, the VA, or who are unaffiliated need to contact Melissa Beatty to receive the POI role.
    2. NOTE: the POI role may take some time to update in the system before the training can be completed.
  3. LOOK UP THE STATUS OF YOUR TRAINING: Here’s a guide on how to check your training/wp-content/uploads/cs-traininglookup.pdf
    1. We’re working on providing departmental administrators a web based tool to look up the training status of the people in their department.
    2. When creating a new study, the second smart form page will show you the status of the training for everyone on the study team.
  4. Email questions to: UFIRB-L@lists.ufl.edu

Training Troubleshooting:

  1. If you cannot log into myUFL contact UF’s Help Desk at (352) 392-HELP (392-4357)
  2. If you can log into myUFL but cannot access register for or complete the training:
    1. Students, VA, Shands, and Unaffilaited investigators need to be assigned the POI role and/or wait for it to take effect in the myUFL system.
    2. If you are UF faculty or staff OR your HR administrator can confirm that you have the POI role, contact Jaime Cooke at cookej@ufl.edu
  3. If you can access the Video training but do not see the video:
    1. Try using a different web browser
    2. Contact the IT professionals who manage your computer, you may be missing some software.
    3. Wait and try again later – your network may not have the bandwidth to show the video.
  4. You’ve completed the training, but it isn’t showing in myIRB
    1. It typically takes *at least* three business days for training to migrate through the various systems and be uploaded into myIRB. Please be patient. If your training still isn’t showing after 3 business days, please email us at UFIRB-L@lists.ufl.edu