Alphabetical Listing of IRB-01 Forms

Title Revision
A: Researcher Assurance

L: Conflict of Interest

Q: International Research

U: Department of Defense


Closure Certification for Biologic Specimens Bank 03/11/2016
Confidentiality Agreement for Data and/or Specimens 03/11/2016
Cumulative Adverse Event Table for Continuing Review 03/17/2017
EXCEL version
Cumulative Deviation Table for Continuing Review 05/09/2013
Emergency Use 03/11/2016
Emergency Use Checklist 11/02/2016
Emergency Use Consent (if one not available from sponsor) 12/15/2006
Emergency Use Independent Physician Certification 06/13/2008
Adverse Event Reporting Form
GWAS Data Sharing Plan Template 06/07/2017
HIPAA – Certificate for Preparatory Research (UF/Shands version) 03/11/2016
HIPAA – Certificate for Research with Decedents Info (UF/Shands version) 03/11/2016
HIPAA – Disclosure Tracking Log: Research Live
HIPAA – Stand-alone Authorization Form 03/15/2019
Informed Consent Forms Live
Use this link to visit a separate page dedicated to Informed Consent Forms. All of the different templates are available as well as other resources and instructions.
Introductory Questionnaire for Data Transfer Studies 03/11/2016
This is only to be used by faculty who are new to / joining UF who are simply bringing their previously collected research data with them for continued analysis. No additional study interventions or data collection remain. A: Researcher Assurance
Principal Investigator Change 06/13/2008
Revision to permanently change the PI – signed by the old/departing PI and the new PI must also submit a revision in myIRB.  Note: changing the PI on a study that is normally reviewed at the full Board must also be reviewed at full Board, so please take note of our full Board deadlines /irb01/deadlines.html.
Protocol 03/09/2004
Sample protocol with helpful information to remember/consider when writing your protocol. Read Protocol Template Guidelines before completing the protocol form. You may use the sponsor’s protocol or GCRC protocol if available.
Unaffiliated Investigator Agreement (OHRP’s Individual Investigator Agreement) 05/23/2017
Visiting Researcher Agreement 08/20/2019